Madrid, Enero de 2023.

The Real Club Náutico de Madrid (RCNM) takes great pride in hosting the second leg of the Friendship Cup league of the International Soling Class in June 2023. This esteemed sporting event will bring together more than 50 athletes from various countries to compete for the ultimate victory.

Since 2019, the Soling International class has been organizing the Friendship League Championship, enabling top-ranking sailors to compete without the logistical burden of transporting their boats and equipment. The event will feature the participation of 16 crews, hailing from eight countries, including Spain, with boats generously provided by local fleet owners.

In a Round Robin format, each crew will face every other, ensuring impartial and thrilling competition for onlookers.

Moreover, the Copa Amistad league of the International Soling Class upholds camaraderie between international sailors and local fleets. The event provides an excellent opportunity for athletes from various nations to foster relationships that may lead to future collaborations and initiatives.

In essence, the Copa Amistad league of the International Soling Class is an exhilarating sporting spectacle, bringing together some of the world’s best sailors in a friendly and welcoming environment. The RCNM eagerly anticipates hosting this esteemed competition and warmly welcomes athletes and spectators worldwide in June 2023.

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Para recibir más información, puedes contactar al Director Deportivo del RCNM Diego Blatt x email a o bien al Móvil/whatsapp +34 638 92 89 14. También puedes contactar al Secretario Nacional Tomás Peuvrel x email o bien por whatsapp +34 609 574 382

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