Madrid, Enero de 2023.

El RCNM organizará la segunda fecha del año de la liga Copa Amistad de la clase Soling Internacional. El evento de desarrollará durante los días 16, 17 y 18 de junio de 2023 y reunirá a más de 60 deportistas de altísimo nivel luchando por la victoria final. Esperamos la participación de 8 a 10 países con la selección de los mejores deportistas de cada nación.

Desde 2021, la clase internacional Soling organiza la Friendship League Championship, campeonato que permite acercar a los mejores regatistas de la clase en un evento, sin la necesidad de trasladar sus embarcaciones y materiales. El campeonato se desarrolla con barcos cedidos por armadores de la flota local, 18 tripulaciones (8 a 10 provenientes de España, y el resto internacionales), y en modo Round Robin. Por último, genera confraternidad con la flota internacional.

Nelson Ilha, Presidente de la Clase Soling Internacional y propulsor de la Friendship League, se expresaba de la siguiente manera:

Dear Soling family!

We are happy with the opportunity to give back part of what the Soling Class has provided to me and my family over all these years.
In the period of 2023/2024 as president, we will dedicate time and attention to the class to continue holding the events, where we meet friends, compete, and fraternize each other.

I want to thank Michael Dietzel and his team for the excellent management of the class in recent years, Peter Hall for being a mentor, and especially Matias Collins for the always serious and attentive organization of the Soling Class.

We also want to thank Roman Koch for the coordination and adjustments, so that the new boat came out of the project and became a reality.
Having new boats opens the opportunity for increase the class and attract new sailors, either with new or with used ones, that will be available.

We are sure that the Liga (league) Concept regattas will be another growth factor, giving the opportunity for more sailors to have a Soling experience, without having to rent or transport boats. We already have two events in this format confirmed for 2023, one in Brazil in February and another in Spain in June.

Our 2023 calendar includes traditional regattas such as the World Championship in the United States, the South American in Uruguay, the European in Germany, the North American in Canada and, several other national championships.

The Soling is a fantastic boat and much admired by young and experienced sailors, that are now competing or have sailing before.
It is a tactical, strong, and reliable boat, that sails in any conditions. And that makes an incomparable and permanent class.

Happy New Year!

A continuación podrás encontrar el AR (NOR) del campeonato.

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